Music to spectrogram on iOS with the accelerate framework
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### Output of FFT:
### On a sample basis
Let ps stand for "per sample"
``` C[1] ``` gives the ```1/N``` ps coefficient
``` C[2] ``` gives the ```2/N``` ps coefficient
``` C[N/2] ``` gives the ```1/2``` ps coefficient ### In seconds Let ```f``` (=44100) be the samplerate. Then:
``` C[1] ``` gives the ```f/N``` hz coefficient
``` C[2] ``` gives the ```2f/N``` hz coefficient
``` C[N/2] ``` gives the ```f/2``` hz coefficient
### From herz to position
Let ```h``` be some frequency. Then from the above we see that for ``` m := Nh/f ``` we get the ```mf/N = h``` hz coefficient in ``` C[m]```.