Multi-user gravity beats for Sound of Science 2013 (server)
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Joshua Moerman e7647f5fe5 Also update peeps on change 11 years ago
contrib Added json, and another protocol 11 years ago
simulation@092045a2c2 Lines have an ID :D removing them works 11 years ago
src Also update peeps on change 11 years ago
.gitignore Finally it compiles 11 years ago
.gitmodules Websockets: added callback in runloop, added more info to protocols 11 years ago
CMakeLists.txt Moved source files to src/ 11 years ago
beats-server.sublime-project Added vector -> json, and some misc includes for sublime clang 11 years ago
run Added one feature 11 years ago
vanillabuild forgot to add .cpp, cleaned up CMakeLists, and some stuff 11 years ago